t’s not right to judge someone based on a group they belong to, whether they’re a part of that group by birth or by choice.  The color of their skin doesn’t matter.  The country they call home doesn’t matter.  Their religious affiliation doesn’t matter.  The way they choose to dress doesn’t matter.  The neighborhood they live in doesn’t matter.  The person they choose to love doesn’t matter.  Everyone should be treated as unique and judged based on their individual merits, not by the group you identify them with.  Stereotypes only hurt us as a society.  Treat others the way you want your family to be treated.

Stop Profiling.

Unless it’s a cop…then judge away.  Use every stereotype you can muster.  Put on your favorite blinders and do your best Scowly McJudgerson impression.  Become the exact opposite person you’re crying the cops be.  Be sure to make tired references to pigs and donuts, or be subtle and say something about smelling bacon.  Encourage violence because actions that would be considered hate crimes against others won’t be against them because they aren’t people; they’re cops.  Lump them together and pretend they’re less deserving of individual treatment than your favorite disadvantaged group.  Don’t show cops the same respect you’re demanding they show you.

Profile away.


2 Responses to Profiling

  1. ananomoys says:

    (y) GOOOOOOD

  2. feffeee says:

    I agree whit you.

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