Guess what doesn’t help when I’m directing traffic around a tow truck pulling a car out of a ditch on a narrow unlit well-traveled road in the early hours of a dark and rainy morning commute? I’ll go ahead and tell you. The answer is: Calling 911 to complain that it’s difficult to see me. Yeah…..I know. There’s a reason the patrol car on the far end of the scene has 174 blazing bright red and blue LED lights, the tow truck in the middle has quite a few active LED lights, my patrol car has exactly the same amount of LED lights as the other, I’m wearing a vest with enough reflective tape to be seen from the outer atmoshpere, and I’m holding a glowing orange wand appropriately large enough to act as ground control for a space shuttle. But since I have to spell it out for you, the reason is so you will slow down to a speed where you can safely navigate around the hazards and we can all have a wonderful day. Was that easy enough for you to see?


3 Responses to Obvious

  1. Hi There says:

    I get it, and I appreciate your persistence in the face of considerable shit. Here’s a challenge for you, though: a good encounter. They happen. Just for, you know, balance.

    • inkedcop says:

      I’ll see what I can do. These posts are representative of thoughts I choose not to reveal during contact I have with the public. I don’t hold back when it comes to positive thoughts during my shift, so there’s no need to vent them later, but I’ll give it a shot; maybe.

      • Hi There says:

        I look forward to it. The kind of shit cops experience day to day is, yes, different in kind from that most of the rest of us are exposed to. Nevertheless, I celebrate when an interaction is a good one. I bitch about the others, but talk about the good ones, too. I understand your blog is primarily for venting. But that makes it… less real. Your sense of worth comes from the fact you feel you’re doing a valuable job. The valuable job involves the occasional sense of surprise, I would have thought.

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