Is it too much to ask that you wait until I’ve made my morning trip to the local coffee shop before you throw your temper tantrum?  I have a routine, and everyone I contact for the rest of the day will benefit from my ability to stick to that routine.  Every morning my district partner and I sit down with a steaming cup of caffeine and debrief our briefing.  This is when the real information is shared; important information; vital information; information out of the earshot of my department’s administration.  This is where we vent.  This is when we blow off a little steam.  Guess what happens when you make it impossible to stick to our routine.  Okay I’ll tell you; we aren’t able to blow off steam.  It has to be released somewhere though.  Sometimes that means that instead of just kicking your door open, we’ll take it completely off the hinges.  I’m not saying you aren’t completely justified in flipping your lid after your internet girlfriend broke up with you; I’m just saying give me a chance to have a hot cup of life essence before you focus your rage on your enablers, sorry – parents.  I don’t think I’m asking too much.  Thank you.


One Response to Joe

  1. Leeada Johnson says:

    Really? you’re a bad-ass with attitude? Good for you, but you come across as a thug, rather than a law enforcement officer. Your emotions have no place on the job. Your comments belong in your personal diary, in the 15 minutes a day you devote to your negativity, not on the internet. Hopefully, you are now retired, you come across like someone with an emotional problem who should not be walking around armed.

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