Three doctors together at a Starbucks:  Well sure, that’s a stressful job. I’m sure they’re comparing notes and sharing techniques.

Three computer programmers together at Starbucks:  Of course, they were probably awake all night writing hundreds of lines of code.

Three landscapers together at Starbucks:  Why not, they’ve probably been outside working in the elements all day.

Three cops together at a Starbucks:  OH MY GOD, WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?  My taxes pay your salary and I’m not paying you to take breaks. You can relax on your own time.  You should have eaten a large enough breakfast to get you through your entire shift so you can focus 100% of your time fighting crime.  There are murderers and rapists running all over town and you’re drinking coffee?  Get out there and do the job you’re being paid to do, unless it means holding me responsible for committing a violation, then you should stop harassing me.


11 Responses to Three

  1. Juan valdez says:

    Wow. Ok the first two PROFFESIONS you mention require schooling and a level of intelligence I doubt either you or I possess. Landscaping is a physically demanding job with many risks of its own and often pays low in relation to say… riding around in a car for a shift arresting people for victimless crimes generating revenue to support corrupt politicians and the corporate entities that control them. The women and men who perform the tasks in the aforementioned fields improve quality of life and better society, they arent paid by tax dollars, they dont get discounts at local businesses as many police do in the communities they work, they deal with perils unique to their lines of work as well and most importantly they complain far less than you sir

    • inkedcop says:

      Your comment is so ignorant I don’t even know where to start. Based on your last few comments you clearly aren’t a fan of the police, and that’s okay, but I feel it necessary to reply to your statements. First of all, this blog is intended to entertain. I’ve chosen to use a writing style that is informative and still brief. I’m not going to explain every nuance of police work, I assume you either already understand it, or you can figure it out based on context. Obviously not everyone gets it. I didn’t think I was being very subtle when I chose the three professions I did, but apparently it wasn’t overt enough for you.

      I wrote this post because cops often receive complaints from the public when they take breaks at coffee shops; usually when there are three or more at the same time. Citizens that complain have a variety of reasons for believing this is inappropriate, as noted in my blog. I’ll spell this out pretty clearly for you since you missed the point. I chose to compare law enforcement to the medical profession because they are both stressful jobs, and people that work those jobs can benefit by congregating and discussing current accepted methods and practices. I chose to compare law enforcement to computer programmers because we work all hours of the night and the public generally doesn’t understand how much time we spend writing reports because it doesn’t make for good TV. I chose to compare law enforcement to landscaping because we do our job regardless of the weather.

      You show your true colors by introducing the idea that police are just “riding around” in a police car all day (as if that didn’t take any effort) arresting people for victimless crimes (they doesn’t exist) generating revenue (please show my agency your proof of this method so we can stop wasting taxpayer’s money) for corrupt politicians (I would love you to name one in my jurisdiction).

      You either completely missed the point of the blog, or you just enjoy being controversial. I’ll be honest; based on your argument in response to my post it’s pretty evident that you just didn’t get it. Thank you for reading though. I don’t expect everyone to like cops or understand why we do what we do. Job security.

  2. Kyle Bedford says:

    Police do more than enough to improve the quality of life in the communities they serve. In addition I won’t get a bill after a police officer helps me.

    for you to notion that police do nothing is as bold as it is ignorant. Why don’t you just download a scanner radio application and listen to the volume of calls run by your local jurisdiction you so readily slander.
    You obviously have some personal issue with police. For you to discount the job that police do is just unreasonable.

    Tax payers fund a lot of things and have no clue where these taxes go. If I can pay my taxes and see out put to work in the form of law enforcement I’m more than pleased.

    • Kyle Bedford says:

      All else aside police officer or not if you can’t giggle at these posts you’re an Asshole. Stop trying to get back at law enforcement for the speeding ticket you got douche bag.

  3. ellenmarquez says:

    Cops need coffee too. Omg I can’t operate a car for one hour without coffee much less 12 hour shift. people do act like jerks to cops. Thx for all your hard work and please take coffee breaks, I won’t judge and will buy your coffee too. A Peace Officer (cop) saved my life, so I would not be here if it were not for hard working officers. 🙂

  4. EM says:

    OMG! Thank god police officers, or as they are officially called Peace Officers, drink coffee before driving a car. I can’t imagine operating a car for more than 15 minutes in the morning without coffee, much less working the demanding/stressful 12-14 hour shifts as most police officers work! In my opinion, I would prefer my first responder be alert when saving my life, so I am thankful that they would chose to drink some coffee during a break or downtime on their shift. Also, I am a computer programmer and work crazy hours but still consider my job less stressful than a police officer…no one yells at me, spits on me, tries to shoot me, and I don’t have to physically fight people, so I consider my little desk job easy in that regards despite the sometimes late hours. Unfortunately, there are many ungrateful citizens out there who do view cops in the negative aspect written above, of which is not exaggerated in the least. I can’t tell you the x’s I have heard the exact comment made to me at Starbucks when people in line saw two police officers taking a break. I think this is sad that some people have such a limited viewpoint. I guess I kind of did too before I actually met a few hardworking police officers that saved my life. 🙂 🙂 You know some people actually wear shirts advertising to kill police? How screwed up is that? Having a job that makes you a walking target??? try living with that stress day in and day out. And have you seen what they earn as their base salary with the so called taxes? You almost have to be crazy to chose this career which you can’t even do in past a certain age because of the risk of being killed. I bet you would drink more f****ng coffee just on that little stressor alone. THANK GOD someone is willing to do such hard work, that carries a huge risk for civil and criminal prosecution, just to serve and protect people who want you dead??!!! So YES, Police officers are my heroes, even more so than military and firemen, who should drink all the coffee they want without judgment. I hope you read this and thank the next police officer you see at Starbucks and maybe even offer to buy his/her coffee. 🙂 🙂

  5. smancor says:

    Public view of police officers is not improving for a number of reasons. First prize goes to the Media where I believe sensational headlines are deemed more important than truth. Second prize goes to those who break the law and resent being caught. In a plan to combat the growing negativity, we’re attempting to enlighten the public to this one fact….. that the majority of officers are good guys….doing a great job.

    • inkedcop says:

      The media wins because the public has the attention span of a toddler with ADHD. When an incident involving the police occurs the public wants to hear about it, but the only people that are going to immediately talk to the media are the citizens that were involved, their families, and everyone else that fancies themselves experts in their field. Law enforcement agencies aren’t going to talk to the media until they’ve investigated the incident and actually know what happened. The public thinks this means cops are hiding the truth which is the exact opposite of what is occurring; they’re seeking the truth. By the time the investigation is complete the public has moved on to the next tantalizing story, happy to wallow in their ignorance. The media could remedy this by giving the truth as much coverage as they give the initial incident, but they won’t because it doesn’t produce high ratings. The media is nothing more than a business, and until the public realizes this they will continue to be truly uninformed.

  6. Leeada Johnson says:

    The “Public” has the attention span of a toddler. The public is happy to wallow in it’s ignorance.The Public is truly uniformed. No matter who here is brown nosing you, and sucking up to you, you do have a number of problems.

    You obviously don’t see yourself as a member of the public. Somehow you are on the other side of everything I see you write, and everything you write seems filled with Hostility and aggression to John and Jane Q Public. Mr and Mrs Law abiding Citizen. Obviously you don’t believe that there are law abiding citizens or you just don’t like them, because it’s not criminals you vent your spleen at, it’s not politicians and poor policies you are upset about, it’s the public you are angry at.

    You see your self as more knowing, more knowledgeable, more entitled. You think that you are the only one who has it tough.

    You’re blog isn’t in the least bit entertaining.. if your words were being assessed by a psych, you would not be allowed outside, to deal with the Public, that you keep showing that you despise.

    I don’t have time for Starbucks people, or anyone who blows 6 bucks every day on a single coffee, but I’m glad you can afford to waste your money that way. I’d rather you invested it in something that will bear dividends for yourself and your family, and blow $1.50 at the Diner for your coffee, and sit with your back to the wall, for safety’s sake

    If you are debriefing, and exchanging valuable information with your fellow LEOs, you probably should be doing that in an environment other than Starbucks, it’s not just what you do, but what you are seen to be doing. If you don’t get that, you will not have risen very high in the ranks.

    I live these days in NYC, I have from 1947 to 1964, and from 1998 to 2014, it’s an unfortunate experience, as NYC sucks. I like a lot of cops, but not all cops deserve regard. some are creeps, and jerks or bullies and thugs. Certainly it’s pretty ordinary to have both cops and criminals coming from the same family, it’s not a job that attracts saints.

    But I don’t see cops leaning back at Starbucks in NYC. At Alma’s cafe, outside of NYC, maintaining a connection with the citizens they serve, but not at Starbucks.

    If it’s breakfast, lunch or supper, I’ll give you a break, to be out with your comrades, and easing off, even while you should keep an alertness status, because there are crazies out there, and some of them have the madness to go for LEOs and these should be shot down like the mad dogs they are, so should all the thugs, and rapists, and killers, and robbers and muggers… nothing lost there.

    But don’t pretend that you are making a good impression by lounging in droves at Starbucks, whether it’s your right or not. Open carry is people’s right in many places in the USA as well, but it certainly doesn’t make a good impression on many of us.

    If you are going to write to entertain, learn to write to entertain, certainly if you turn to fiction, you will garner no fans, if all you do is slang of at John Q Public.

  7. Leeada Johnson says:

    There are no victim-less crimes? If you believe that, you are in a state of considerably deeper ignorance than Juan Valdez. It’s hard to consider that you are really able to believe that.

    Mr Valdez is correct, Cops aren’t known for their IQ. There is an active policy to not recruit people into the Police force with considerably higher than normal intelligence. There are affirmative action programs as well, so police today, in NYC are smaller, weaker, ethnically diverse, and not likely to become President… or Professors of Criminology.

    We do know that police are made to fill quotas, of all sorts in sorts of places and for all sorts of purposes. Arrest Quotas, Traffic Infringement quotas (which are indeed revenue raising) The RICO act and similar laws have created a situation where law enforcement is rewarded for making dubious cases, in order to seize people’s assets. This is indeed a scheme where ordinary citizens have to prove their innocence and try and find finances to pursue legal recourse, while law enforcement literally steals their stuff.

    Police also down grade crimes under orders of their supervisors, to make it appear as though crime is going down, felonies are down graded to misdemeanors, and misdemeanors are made to disappear, often Police won’t even take statements from citizens with just cause to report crime, just to make the stats look good.

    As Mr Valdez points out, you and the Public you despise, elect politicians who are criminals, and every week we are entertained in the Press by Politicos who are arrested for corruption, for graft and extortion, for taking bribes, for sexually molesting minors and staff.

    In short Mr Valdez has a case, even if he overstates it exponentially.

    Your pretending that none of this true, makes you look either untruthful or simply more ignorant than the Public that you despise.

    • inkedcop says:

      Leeada, You’re passionate, and I like that. You’re misguided, but passionate. You make a lot of assumptions, but most disturbingly you over-generalize. I would love to see this “active policy” the generic “Police force” has to not recruit those of higher than normal intelligence. Are you talking about a specific agency? I’m not sure if you realize there is more than one police agency in these United States, and they each have their own policies. For the NYPD specifically, would you mind citing the study that found they are smaller and weaker as a result of affirmative action.

      As hard as it might be to believe, not all agencies have quotas. Hopefully we’ve cleared the “every law enforcement agency across the country is exactly the same” hurdle. That being said, quotas don’t have to be a bad thing. As you yourself point out, quotas are used for all sorts of purposes. One of those purposes is to make sure officers are actually serving the public and not hiding in deep dark corners avoiding work. Activities like writing citations save lives because it makes the street a safer place to travel. Quotas make sure officers are enforcing traffic laws.

      In regards to the POLICE downgrading crimes as ordered by their supervisors for various reasons; stop being so generic. I know of a specific precinct in the NYPD that was doing that recently, but that doesn’t mean all of the precincts were guilty, or every agency around the city, or in the state, or on the east coast, or east of the Mississippi, in the entire country. Specific agencies have specific problems. As long as you continue to lump the thousands of police agencies across the country into one giant clump of corruption you’re going to be at odds with every police officer you happen to contact.

      I’m happy to address your issues in a more realistic manner if that’s what you actually want. If all you want to do is rant and make massive blanket statements, you can do that here too. Thank you for reading and responding.

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