Guess what? The law allows me to do things while I’m driving that it doesn’t allow you.
I’m allowed to:

-drive over the speed limit.
-disregard a stop sign.
-proceed through an intersection against a red light.
-force another driver to stop their car.
-use an ear-piercing siren.
-block traffic.
-park in a no-parking zone.

wait for it…

wait for it…


Yes. I’m allowed to talk on a cell phone while I’m driving and you’re not. Why is that so hard for you to understand (that and the parking in a no-parking zone thing)? This doesn’t make me above the law. The law allows for it. That makes it under the law. I’m under the law. I get to do things you don’t. Deal with it.

2 Responses to Under

  1. Juan valdez says:

    As long as your siren or at least lights are on I can agree mostly but these actions going unnannounced can endanger the public, its why traffic laws and signs are there- SAFETY. Disregarding this without a warning is dangerous to yourself and others. Be careful out there please

    • inkedcop says:

      I never said anything about doing these activities unannounced. If I say that I have a legal right to proceed through a red light I don’t think it’s necessary, in this forum, to also have to write that that action is dependent on making sure everyone in the intersection is aware of my intentions because my overhead lights are on, my siren is activated, I alter my siren’s cadence to create more awareness, I travel at a safe speed, I make sure there aren’t any pedestrians in the crosswalk, and I ensure there aren’t any cute puppies in the middle of the intersection. I guess some people just need me to spell everything out for them.

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