Let me just make sure I’ve got everything I need for my shift:

Car keys – check
Notebook – check
Gun – check
Radio – check
Diapers – check
Grimm’s Fairy Tales – check
Pretend mean face – check

Now what did I do with my English to Delinquent Teenage Punk dictionary? Found it; check.

Looks like I’m ready to make sure your child __________________.

– goes to school
– stays at school
– comes home from school
– doesn’t smoke
– doesn’t sass you
– does their homework
– goes to bed at a reasonable hour

If there’s anything else I can do to lighten your parental responsibility load just let me know. It’s nice to take a break from my mental health counselor role once in a while.

Almost forgot my stickers – check

One Response to Check

  1. Just found your blog today. As a prosecutor, all I can say is I LOVE IT. You’re saying what we’re all thinking. Love you guys.

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