I have an idea.  Raise your own kids.  Parenting isn’t supposed to be easy.  It takes effort.  It takes time.  It takes commitment.  Do you know what it shouldn’t take?  Cops.

Your kid staying out after curfew isn’t a police matter; it’s a parenting matter.  They aren’t missing; they’re disobedient.  Pause Desperate Housewives, put down the Dryers, put on a robe, get in the minivan, and go find them.

Your kid refusing to go to bed isn’t a police matter; it’s a parenting matter.  Under what authority do you expect me to force your child to put on their pajamas and go to sleep?  Last time I checked there wasn’t a bedtime statute.  Don’t ask me to just come over and scare them either.  That backfires when the kid grows up and doesn’t trust me.

Your kid throwing a fit because you’re watching Wheel of Fortune and they want to watch Glee isn’t a police matter; it’s a parenting matter.  Ask them how much they payed for rent.  Ask them how much they contributed toward the electric bill.  Ask them when was the last time they made there bed.  There’s no such thing as an out of control eight year old; there’s just an eight year old that’s about to be parented.

You’re the same person that tells me I should be out looking for murderers and rapists instead of harassing you for speeding.  You’re the same person that asks me if I don’t have something more important to do than stop you for expired registration.  As a matter of fact I do, but I can’t ever get to it because I’m too busy taking care of your obligations.

Raise your own kids.

One Response to Raise

  1. Bethany says:

    Amen to that. Can’t believe people would actually have the nerve to call the police for their child rearing issues. Start ’em young knowing they need to listen…by the time they’re a tweenie, it’s too late.

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