Failing to use a signal becomes failing to stop for a red light becomes excessive speeding becomes driving buzzed becomes driving drunk becomes driving through the front door of the local Jack-in-the-Box.

 Toilet papering a house becomes egging a house becomes tagging a fence becomes keying a car becomes smashing a car window becomes breaking into a garage becomes breaking into a house becomes stabbing an 83 year old woman for a six dollar pendant.

 Sneaking some Schnapps out of the liquor cabinet becomes hiding behind the shed to smoke some weed becomes buying an unlabeled bag of Vicodin in an alley becomes slamming a booger-ball of heroin in a 7-11 parking lot at 3am and driving through a telephone pole.

 This might seem like an exaggeration, but it’s not.  Most felons don’t volunteer at the senior center one day, and extort two million dollars from their employer the next.  When small decisions go unchecked they turn into medium bad decisions, which turn into large bad decisions, which turn into enormous bad decisions, which end up hurting people; usually not the person making the bad decisions.

 This is why you’re getting a citation for making an illegal u-turn.  You’re welcome.


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