I understand people are setting off fireworks.  It’s kind of the in thing this weekend.  Believe it or not, it’s happening in a couple of different neighborhoods right now.  I’d be lying if I said it was high on my priority list, but it is on the list.  Thank you for being so specific about where they’re coming from though.  Somewhere near your house really narrows it down.

Have you ever tried to find a cricket in your house?  You wait for it to chirp and you turn and face it; maybe you take a step or two.  It chirps again and you move in that direction.  As soon as you think you’ve figured out where the little bastard is, Jiminy chirps again, and you realize you’re not anywhere near him.  Eventually, you’ve heard so much chirping you start to understand what he’s saying.  He’s mocking you.  He saw your bald spot when you looked under the couch.  He knows you’ll eventually give up and have a sandwich.  Trying to find someone launching arial fireworks is like that, mocking included.

We know people are setting off fireworks.  It’s probably the most overt activity anyone does all year.  We’ll get to it when we have a chance.  If you could specify a house, a street, a direction, or even a zip code where they’re coming from, that would help.

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