Either by your choice or mine, you’re going in the car.  I win either way.  If you decide to sit down, we get to the jail faster and I get back on the road.  If you make me put you in the car, I get to practice my choice of compliance techniques, and you get to learn something.

Do you honestly think I’m going to arrest you for a felony level domestic violence charge and just let you go because you say you’re not getting in the car?  How well does that conversation with my sergeant go?  Sorry sir, I had to let him go because he said I couldn’t take him to jail.  You want me to turn my badge in where?

The only choice you have is to get in the car or not.  After that, all the options are mine.  My bad.  I guess I forgot you could choose to kick me.  No problem.  You just allowed me to dig deeper into my bag of tricks.  Hey, look at that; you’re in the car.

I’ll have the nurse look at your hip when we get to the jail.  Did you say I’m not going to be able to get you out of the car when we get to the jail.  You’re a slow learner.

2 Responses to Slow

  1. Mike Caines says:

    Interesting observations! Two of my kids are cops, and they don’t pass on many details (yea, I know they are probably tired of whatever they did on their shifts, but it would still be interesting to me). Thanks!

  2. Suz says:

    Wife beaters don’t spend a lot of time with folks who can kick their asses into next week. Culture shock.

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