So, your neighbor is doing laundry late at night again and it’s bothering you.  What do they say when you politely ask them to be more courteous?  Oh, you’ve never talked to them.  I see.  Ok, then what does the apartment manager say when you bring it to his attention?  I’m sorry, did you say you haven’t talked to him either?

Did you make any effort to resolve this problem before calling the police? And by effort, I don’t mean deciding between putting down your McRib sandwich or your 163oz diet Pepsi in order to pick up the phone.  By effort I mean having a conversation with your neighbor, leaving a note on their door, or least banging on the wall.  If actually getting out of bed is too much work, you could always put a broom by the nightstand when you go to sleep.  I realize you’ll have to move your arm back and forth in order to rap on the wall with the broom handle, but you won’t have to get up, and you’ll probably get a more effective response than you’re going to get from me.

I recognize you now.  You’re the guy that asked me if I had anything better to do than pull you over for ignoring a stop sign last week.  You told me I was wasting your time while real criminals were running around town committing heinous crimes.  Well, guess what?  I have better things to do than deal with your hygienic neighbor.  There’s a mom across town who can’t get her teenager to go to bed.  Duty calls.

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