I applaud your effort sir.  If it hadn’t been for the two casual steps backwards, the furtive glance to your left, and the 15 times you said I wasn’t taking you to jail, I would have had no idea you were going to run.  In all fairness, I did give you a head start.  Besides, I needed a little separation to reach top speed.

I grabbed your shoes for you.  They were still in the same spot they were in when your feet came out of them.  And sorry about your fillings, but that’s the risk you take.  I work out five days a week for this exact scenario.  Ok, only one of those workouts is tailored for a foot pursuit, but you know what I’m trying to say.  I’m trying to say you’re slow, and you need to work on your moves.  I’ve never claimed to be Ray Lewis, but he would have been proud of that tackle.  If this was college football, I’d be getting a helmet sticker after the game for sure.

I expect a challenge next time we meet, or at least to be breathing hard after I catch you.  I guess I could give you a bigger lead, like a block.

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