Your two year old daughter is super cute, the way she hid behind her mom’s legs, feigning shyness, poking her head out from behind mom’s knees and smiling at me.  Our conversation lasted a few minutes, even though I couldn’t understand a single word she was saying.  I couldn’t seem to stop talking to her.

She was even cute, in a creepy, sad, and maddening kind of way, when she put her hands around her own throat to simulate what she saw you doing to her mother.  She had perfect form when she demonstrated how you threw her mom’s purse out the front door, and I didn’t need to understand her words when she mimed you shoving her mom.

It’s ironic that the reason you were fighting with her mom was because she won’t let you have unsupervised visits with your adorable daughter.  Maybe that’s because her mom wants her daughter to continue to be adorable.  The only thing that could have possibly made her any more endearing would have been seeing her give you the bird.  Good luck with that custody hearing.

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