You’ve got some big ones. I was driving more than 10 mph over the speed limit. I know this because I was pacing the car in front of me. I was distracted by the headlights in my rear-view mirror because they were obviously closing in on me. My powers of deduction told me you were speeding. My deduction was confirmed when you changed lanes and passed me, but not before you drove so close to my bumper that your headlights disappeared behind my trunk for a few seconds. That would be the same bumper that has giant letters spelling out the word “Sheriff” on it.

I couldn’t decide if I was going to stop the speeding car in front of me or you, until you changed lanes 12 times in the next 4.5 seconds. Thank you for dropping the, “I thought it was OK to drive as fast as you” line. That might have held water in court, right up until the point where I tell the judge YOU PASSED ME! And by the way, it’s not OK.

And just for future reference, after I cite you and tell you you’re free to leave, I can pull you over again if you take off and make two unsignaled lane changes before you get 100 feet away from me. I appreciate the stats.

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