If you’re such a poor driver that the state’s decided it’s a crime for you to operate a motor vehicle, I suggest you make sure there isn’t a police officer driving behind you when you decide to try your hand at drifting. I also suggest you cut your losses and stop when that police officer tries to pull you over.

I’ve been driving longer than you’ve been alive, so my experience told me you weren’t going to make that corner, and my experience was right. Unfortunately for that tree, street sign, curb, pavement, cedar fence, flower garden, and tree, your ten months of driving experience told you to put the pedal to the metal.

Luckily, only two of your three passengers were injured. Unfortunately, one of those passengers used his forehead to try to keep the roof of you car from caving in when it was upside down. The medic said he would be fine. When he’s able to remember his address or his phone number the hospital will probably release him. Of course you walked away unscathed, that’s Murphy’s Law at its finest.

There is one area you have more experience than I do. Two criminal driving charges before your seventeenth birthday is impressive. Congratulations.

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