Do you know what doesn’t happen at your job? The media doesn’t show up and start reporting half-truths and complete inaccuracies to anyone with a pulse who will listen about the split second decision you made during your quarterly presentation to the board before the board has even had a chance to review it.

Do you know what else doesn’t happen? Every mechanic, baker, day trader, shoe salesman, stock broker, fry cook, defense attorney, cashier, bartender, CEO, and candlestick maker with a TV or a newspaper subscription doesn’t pretend to know exactly how you should have acted in that split second and let the world know their expert opinion through blogs, interviews, letters to the editor, and masked protests.

It’s easy for me to criticize Peyton Manning for under-throwing a receiver because he didn’t wait an extra half second to release his pass. It’s easy because I didn’t notice the right tackle miss his assignment. It’s easy because I wasn’t aware the tight-end got jammed up a second longer than usual. It’s easy because I don’t have a 250lb linebacker bearing down on me that would like nothing more than to make the front of my jersey touch the back of my jersey.

Of course you’re going to be intrigued; I would be too. Of course you’re going to want to know what happened; who wouldn’t? Of course you’re going to want to know exactly why the officer made that decision; too bad. It’s infinitely more complicated than, “The officer feared for his safety and the safety of others.”

You should be satisfied knowing we put our lives on the line so you can go to Target without worrying about what kind of harm the guy in line behind you is thinking about causing your family. You should be satisfied knowing we choose to put ourselves in positions where we have to make decisions in seconds that most people wouldn’t be able to make in days. You should be satisfied knowing our goal is truly to keep as many people safe as possible, including the person that created the unfortunate situation to begin with.

Before you criticize an officer you’ve never met about how they handled a situation you’ll never be in with a person who’s capable of things you can’t imagine just do one thing for me, DON’T.

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