Sorry, I’m gonna have to take your “Roommate of the Year” award away.

You know your roommate is a Type 2 diabetic, and you’ve never known him to use illegal drugs, but when you told him you were going out tonight and he was mumbling incoherently, your first thought, and only thought apparently, was that he was high on something illicit. Granted, his blood sugar level probably wasn’t in the 40’s yet like it was when I found him, but it was obviously low enough to hamper his ability to speak.

Don’t feel bad though, he still had enough control of his bodily functions to roll himself down the stairs. Of course he hit the wall a few times on the way down, but that’s to be expected. He didn’t have enough fine motor skills to dial 911, but he did have the wherewithal to get outside so someone might see that he needed help. That step out the front door was a little tricky, but luckily his face protected his skull from the concrete porch.

I’m sure he’ll be fine when he gets back from the hospital. The only good thing about diabetic shock is it doesn’t affect memory. It might not be a bad idea to start looking for somewhere else to live.

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