You only have two options; you’re either a gang-banger,or you’re an idiot.

Your hat, shirt, belt, laces, and shoe logo are all the same color. It just happens to be the same color as one of the local, less-than-legitimate street associations. The number on your belt buckle matches the tattoo on your neck. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the number you’re cousin so eloquently inked on your skin is very closely related to the color you didn’t realize you were wearing so much of.

Only an idiot would walk down the street wearing as much of that color as you are, in what these bangers think is their territory. Only an idiot, or dare I say, A MEMBER OF THAT GANG. And don’t tell me you just like the color. You could convince me David Hasselhoff is a decent actor before I believe that.

If I walked into a donut shop in full uniform and said I wasn’t a police officer I wouldn’t look as stupid as you do right now. Courtney Love would be more believable if she said she never put anything illegal up her nose. Elton John would have less trouble convincing me he wasn’t a piano player.

I only gave you two options, but you’ve convinced me there’s a third. You can be an idiot AND a banger. I’m leaning toward option three.

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