I don’t have quotas. I can cite, warn, detain, arrest, or hassle as many law abiding citizens that are doing nothing wrong and minding their own business as I want. Even if I did have quotas, and even if I’d already reached them, you’d still be getting a citation. Despite what you may think, quotas aren’t designed to make sure my agency has enough money to buy unnecessary equipment. I’m not going to win an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas if I turn in more citations than my unfortunately lazy co-workers.

Quotas are designed to get less motivated cops to do their job. Yes, there are cops out there who turn a blind eye to anyone not actively trying to assault them. I know you think that’s how you would like all cops to be. You think that until someone speeds down your street, cuts you off in traffic, doesn’t yield the right of way to you at a four-way intersection, passes you on the right, or tailgates you. When that happens, you want to know where all of the fat, lazy, donut eating, coffee slurping, pigs are when you need them.

I’m right here. Press hard ,there are three copies. Have a nice day.

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