The new pedestrian activated crosswalk signal has one major flaw. A pedestrian has to actually activate it for it to work. I guess 1.4 million dollars doesn’t buy what it used to. This is the 21st Century people. No one wants to be burdened these days with having to bend one arm at a 45 degree angle to push a button. It’s irritating enough that you have to actually move your feet to get across the street.

I understand you have the right-of-way, and far be it from me to keep you from demanding it. It just seems to me that right-of-way or not, you’re going to lose if it’s not given to you. (Witty reference to Frogger removed due to generational gap)

Eventually your timing is going to be off. Will you at least give me the phone number of a loved one I can call after we scrape what’s left of you off the asphalt? I promise I’ll do my best to explain what happened to you, and I’ll try not to make any Atari references.

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