I’m not asking you if you were driving drunk because I need confirmation. The ethanol pouring out of your mouth that you call breath is proof enough for me. Well that, and the car with the wheels pointing toward the sky. I’m asking you because your inability to provide me with a logical answer is amusing me. In other words, you’re a bad liar, and unlike with your dates appearance, alcohol isn’t helping you.

Was lowering your companions inhibitions worth losing a piece of your body? Go ahead and have a seat and wait for the ambulance, I’ll go look for your ear, or at least the part that’s missing. I can’t promise anything since the car is such a mess. I would concentrate my search wherever I see blood, but that covers just about the entire front of the car. It doesn’t look too bad though, I’m sure they’ll be able to fix it. I said it doesn’t look that bad. I SAID IT DOESN’T LOOk..oh, never mind. I SAID NEVER MIND.

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