I’m allowed to do things you’re not, because I’m capable of making choices you’re not. I’m allowed to have a beer after a long day at work. I’m allowed to have a casual conversation with a known felon. I’m allowed to walk down the street with someone who appears to be a gang member. I’m allowed to keep firearms hidden all over my house. I’m allowed to be in places where children are likely to congregate.

I’m allowed to do these things because I make good life choices. My actions haven’t caught the negative attention of law enforcement. The courts haven’t deemed my decision making process poor enough to take notice. I don’t need another adult to monitor my actions in an attempt to help me become a productive member of society.

It is fair that I’m allowed to do things that you’re not. You’ve proven that, like a child, you need extra rules to keep you out of trouble, and here I go again, holding people accountable for their actions. Put the beer down, get out of the dumpster, and leave the magazine behind. It’s time to go to a place where they’ll make all of your decisions for you.

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