You’re welcome to get out of your car on this busy road and make sure your brake light really is out. There’s a pretty high probability that I’m lying to you about the violation I stopped you for. I’m willing to risk my career over less. My job isn’t that important to me. I could get a new one tomorrow if I wanted to.

I’m so confident in my career prospects, that the violations I choose to lie about are verifiable. I could have said you drove over the fog line; prove you didn’t. I could have said you didn’t come to a complete stop at that stop sign back there; prove you did. I could have said you were speeding; prove you weren’t. Those violations are your word against mine, where’s the fun in that?

Feel free to get out and stand between your car and mine while you check your brake light. If it’s all the same to you, I’m going to stand off to the side. Weird, once you take your foot off the brake and walk behind the car you can’t check anything. Nope, I’m not going climb into your car to push the brake pedal for you. You can wait until you get home to prove me a liar. I’ll be waiting for the apology phone call, but I won’t hold my breath.

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