Until I pull you over and talk to you, I don’t know that you aren’t one of the many rapists and murderers that are running all over town while I’m wasting my time pulling over traffic violators.

If you don’t want me to hassle you, don’t stop entirely within the intersection at a red light. If you’re still going to do that, make sure you have a license plate on the front of your truck when I drive past you. If that’s to much work for you, make sure the license place on the back of your truck is attached properly, not just wedged behind the bumper. It doesn’t help that the plastic cover over your plate, the one that was probably clear when it was made in 1978, is now yellow and hard to see through.

If you could do me a favor before you drive away, and point out one of those murderers I would appreciate it. I keep getting distracted by your tires that stick out three inches past your wheel wells.

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