It doesn’t matter that all you threw was an egg. Apparently I’m going to have to teach you about inertia and impact along with how to scratch your nose when your hands are cuffed behind your back. You might as well have thrown a stick of butter. When you’re driving 40 miles an hour, and an object leaves your window and hits another vehicle passing you at 40 miles an hour, bad things are going to happen. In this case, you’re going to break the other car’s headlight.

It also doesn’t matter that you didn’t intend to break anything, other than the egg of course. Your intention might very well have been to hit the sidewalk. In that case, your timing needs some work. It’s too bad you didn’t get the chance to use the other three flats of eggs in the car to improve your skills.

Have a seat, watch your head. You’ll notice half the partition between the front and back of my patrol car is plexiglass. The other half is a metal grate. That’s where you scratch your nose.

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