Yep, I could have just given you a warning. I also could have watched you commit a violation and just let you keep driving. I also could have just parked behind Taco Bell and read Harry Potter for eight hours. The problem with that is, it’s my job to enforce the law. If I didn’t want to write citations, I could be working at Taco Bell instead of hiding behind it.

You had some options too. You could have been driving the speed limit. You could have been driving more than 12 inches away from the car in front of you. You could have waited for that car to complete a right turn before you accelerated around it, crossed a double yellow line, and drove in the on-coming traffic lane for 30 yards.

Everyone has options. As a police officer, my options come as a result of your choices. If you don’t want me to have the opportunity to write you a citation, don’t commit a violation. You’ll have to excuse me now, Harry is just about to find out that Sirius is his uncle.

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