I want to make sure I have this right, before I pass judgement, I mean, before I decide how to proceed.

You have court ordered visitation rights with your baby girl, but you have to have her back to her mother by 8 pm. You realize you only have five minutes to get her home, but it takes fifteen minutes to get there. You don’t want to be late, that would look bad. The mother could probably use that against you at a future court appearance when she’s trying to take your already limited visitation time away. You’re trying to figure out how to shave precious seconds off your travel time when it hits you. If you don’t actually buckle the baby into her carrier, it will take you less time to get her in and out of the car. That’s brilliant, because that won’t look nearly as bad as being late.

As you can probably guess, I’m talking to you because the mom wasn’t very happy with your choice. Good luck at your next court appearance, because I’m positive there’s going to be one soon.

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