Hey people, it’s “pull to the right for sirens and lights,” not, “pull to the right and then drive in the bike lane because your turn is only a couple of blocks away.” That doesn’t even rhyme. Apparently we’re going to have to add a second line that mentions stopping too. Luckily, the guy riding his bike in the bike lane pulled to the right too, and was able to jump out of your way.

It also isn’t, “Make a quick left turn before the emergency vehicle gets here,” or, “Slow down to 5mph and stay in the lane your in,” or even, “Pull to the left and stop in the center turn lane because it doesn’t matter which way you go as long as you get out of the way.”

Everyone is supposed to do the same thing for a reason, and that’s because it’s predictable. When a cop is driving really fast, listening to dispatch on the radio, talking on the radio, reading a computer screen, and eating a donut, they don’t want to also have to guess what genius move you’re going to make in your car when they reach you. Pull to the right and stop. It’s not that complicated.

And by the way, I was the guy on the bike, and I remember your license plate number.

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