Your dad is allowed to yell at you. I understand you’re going to be an adult very soon, at least by the law’s standard, and you have the world figured out already, but you’re not an adult yet. You lied to your dad, and he’s pissed off. Did you think calling the police was going to make him less angry with you? As a parent, I know for a fact, when your kids embarrass you, it doesn’t make you less pissed off, and you embarrassed your dad. He’s your dad. He pays for your cell phone, your laptop, your car insurance, and the home you live in.  If he wants to take that stuff away from you, he has every right to do that.  Good luck with your plans to move in with your boyfriend next month, who I’m sure is just as mature and world-wise as you are. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon. Probably about three minutes after your boyfriend yells at you in your new home.

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