There are a lot of things that separate me from the dirtbags I take to jail. One of those things is that I learn from other’s mistakes. I could start a whole new blog on that topic alone, “Things I Learned from a Dirtbag.” My first entry would be what I learned tonight. If you’re having problems with your wife, and you’re afraid she might leave you, pouring a beer on her face while she’s laying in bed with your four year old kid probably isn’t going to help.

I understand that sounds like common sense, but sometimes fixing a marriage requires unconventional thinking. I can rest at ease now, knowing that I’ll never be tempted to make that same mistake, since I’ve seen the results. Of course, I also wouldn’t shove her when she tries to go clean up, steal her cell phone when she tries to call 911, steal her son’s cell phone when he tries to call 911, and drive away from the scene drunk to avoid contact with the police. But that’s just me.

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