What do you mean that was “supposed” to have been taken care of? Basically, what you’re saying is, you didn’t make sure it was taken care of. Drivers licenses don’t just magically become valid. Warrants don’t just disappear. Restraining orders don’t just go away. Anyone with half a brain would make sure those things were taken care of before acting on any of them.

I don’t care how awesome your story is about how your Uncle’s best friend’s brother’s probation officer’s nephew talked to the judges assistant’s hair stylist and got the warrant dropped. I’m taking you to jail because the warrant is still in the system, and it’s not my job to figure out why. If you think I’m going to let you go based on your word, it’s just going to take longer to get to jail. I’ll have to stop rolling on the ground laughing, get up, wipe myself off, dry the tears, and put my hat back on. This car was having brake problems, but someone was supposed to fix that, so we should be at the jail in about 20 minutes.

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