If you put 17 people in a two bedroom apartment roughly the size of a rat-hole there’s going to be a problem. Add enough Modelo to float a small Navy cruiser and someone will be going to jail. If I recycled all of the empty beer cans that were in that apartment I could have bought an XBox. I understand that it’s your apartment, and you have the right to drink in your apartment. I understand that you have the right to let your underage children drink in your apartment. But when people are so drunk they can’t remember their own birth date, you have a problem. When drunk people are giving CPR to someone that’s breathing, you have a problem. When I can hear people screaming from a block away at 3am, you have a problem, and I’m going to do my best to fix that problem. I fix things by taking people to jail. I’m going to help you by taking the total number of people in your apartment down to 16. If I have to keep coming back until I’ve removed enough people that your family can function normally then that’s what I’ll do. Can I make a suggestion? Next Thanksgiving, try some sparkling cider.



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