I’m fully aware that the guy giving me incriminating statements is tanked. I would probably register some sort of blood alcohol level just from being in the same room that he’s exhaling in. The fact that his sentences are just one long slurred mess helps too. If it weren’t for the tree that jumped out in front of his truck, you might be trying save the life of some innocent person driving down the road instead of holding a urinal full of his bloody piss. You keep doing your job, which is basically preserving this man’s ability to commit this crime again, and I’ll do my job, which is pretty much the opposite of yours. Tomorrow he might not remember what he’s saying to me right now, but I can assure you he’s going to regret saying it anyway. He’s conscious enough to remember that he had at least twelve beers and still thought he was ok to drive home. He’s conscious enough to consent to giving me a sample of his blood, and to sign the appropriate form. He’s conscious enough to answer my questions, even if the only reason he’s still conscious is because you keep shoving things into different parts of his body. I’ve got what I need from him, you can save him now.

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