Worse Crimes

I have no doubt there are people out there committing worse crimes than driving with a misdemeanor level suspended license. Your problem is that I found you first. You didn’t make an unsignaled turn, or fail to come to a complete stop, so I’m not going to just give you a warning. You’ve been convicted of drunk driving twice. One of your consequences is that you don’t get to drive anymore. That seems fair to me. You know as well as I do, if you get caught driving, you go to jail. I caught you driving. The mass-murderers that are apparently lurking on every other corner get to go free for another hour because I’m going to arrest you. Here I go again, holding people accountable for their actions. I’ll make you a deal, since you seem to be so positive that there are much worse people out there that I could be harassing. Tell me who one of them is, and where I can find them, and I’ll go arrest them instead. Really, you don’t actually know for sure where these people are? Well, that’s a bummer for you. Turn around and place your hands behind your back, you committed a crime, and you’re going to jail.

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