Why should I give you any slack this time of year? It’s not anywhere near tax time, so when you say, “this time of year,” I can only assume you mean the Holidays. I guess, during this time of year, it’s ok to make a handicapped driver walk an extra fifty feet to their destination. I understand an extra fifty feet doesn’t seem very far. That’s the point. For you and me, fifty extra feet isn’t very far. Do you know why fifty extra feet isn’t very far? It’s because…wait for it…wait for it…we’re not handicapped. I don’t care if it was the last parking spot in the lot. I don’t care if it was the last spot on the planet. I don’t care if the spot was in front of a business you think handicapped people don’t frequent. The spot could have been in front of a discotheque for all I care and you would still be getting a citation. Please, please, don’t use the argument that you’ve seen handicapped people using regular spots before. It was probably because some jackass like you was already parked in their spot. Spend an extra few seconds and find somewhere else to park. If you have to park on the other side of town and catch a cab to get back here, then that’s what you need to do. Trust me, it would have saved you some money, and we could all use a little extra money this time of year.

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