The fact that your taxes pay my salary doesn’t make you my boss. Technically, only part of your taxes pay for a tiny portion of my salary, and you’re still not by boss. Tomorrow, when you lose your job because you’re in jail, I’m not going to be at home wondering where my family is going to get their next meal, since your taxes won’t be supporting my lifestyle anymore. I never really understood why people say that to me. Am I supposed to overlook the fact that you crashed your car while you were driving drunk because you pay taxes? Am I supposed to disregard the fact that your blood alcohol level is twice the legal limit for driving because your taxes provide a roof over my head? Do you know who I serve? I serve the thousands of other residents in this county that pay my taxes who aren’t committing crimes. I serve the thousands of law abiding citizens who appreciate the fact that I take dangerous drivers like you off the road. I serve the thousands of citizens that don’t throw it in my face that they pay my salary. Do you know what else your taxes pay for? They pay for the bologna sandwich you’re going get for breakfast at the jail. Enjoy it, you earned it.

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