You don’t get to violate traffic laws, or any other laws for that matter, because they don’t make sense to you. Traffic laws aren’t just created arbitrarily by some eighty year old, one eyed, lawn bowler with a few extra minutes to kill. There’s a pretty good chance someone out there knows their purpose. Let me give you an example, heck, let’s use the law you violated. The reason you’re supposed to use your turn signal, even when you can’t see any other cars around, is because…wait for it…wait for it…is because there might be other cars around that you can’t see, like mine. Apparently you’ve never heard of a blind spot. It’s that spot on the road a two-ton truck could be driving on and you wouldn’t see it with your rear view mirror, or your side view mirror. And let’s be honest, you know you don’t look over your shoulder before changing lanes. Every traffic law has a purpose, even if you don’t know what that purpose is. Just obey them, and everyone on the road will be safer because of it.

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