Do you really think not showing up to court will solve your problems? How’s that worked out for you so far? If my memory serves me correctly, one of the reasons you’re supposed to be here today is because you didn’t show up to your last court date, the one for the DUII I arrested you for. You were also supposed to be here for the DUII my partner arrested you for, the one where he found out there was a warrant out for your arrest for not showing up to court for the first DUII. Here’s a novel idea: Take some responsibility for your actions. That would include making good decisions, which I understand is difficult for you. I can promise you this, adding contempt of court to the charges that are going to be read in front of the judge isn’t going to make your day run any smoother. If you were able to stay away from police contact, not showing up to court might work out for you. But since you can’t stop drinking and driving, I’ll see you again soon. Get used to using razors that dull just by taking the cap off.

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