I don’t believe you. My job is basically to figure out who’s lying less. It doesn’t matter if you’re the victim, the suspect, or just someone walking down the street. Everyone lies to me. I pretty much deal with two different types of people. People who lie to me because they don’t want to get in trouble, and people who lie to me because they want someone else to get in trouble. It’s amazing to me how many people do absolutely nothing at all and just get punched in the face. I believe you got punched in the face. Your nose is broken and bleeding, and you’re eyes are already turning black. I’m going to arrest the other guy for assault. You’re not helping your cause by telling me you never even touched the other guy, you didn’t even say anything to the other guy, you have no idea why the other guy punched you. Liar. Do you know what I think now? Now I think you’re hiding something. Now I know you’re hiding something. Just come out with it and tell me you were arguing about a woman, he walked past you and bumped your shoulder hard, you shoved him away from you, and he spun around and clocked you in the face. It still won’t be the whole truth, but you’re getting warmer. He’s still getting arrested, and you’re story holds water. If you have to lie to me in order for me to reach the point where I think I should arrest someone, guess what, that person shouldn’t be arrested. Don’t think I won’t arrest you instead. Do something crazy. Do something refreshing. Tell me the truth. Stop lying to me.

One Response to Liar

  1. Randy says:

    “I was just minding my own business, in the alley behind the 7-11, at 3 am, my buddy said I could borrow this car, and I don’t know how the meth got in the pocket because these aren’t my pants…”

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