Some cops are dicks. Guess what, other cops think those guys are dicks too. Fundamentally, cops aren’t any different than anyone else. If you take a healthy sample of people from any line of work, you’re going to find the same folks. You’re going to find people who are generous, people who are funny, people who are introverted, people who are selfish, people who are stupid, and people that are mean. That’s obviously not a complete list, but you get the point. Just because the last contact you had with law enforcement was with a cop that was a jackass, that doesn’t mean we’re all jackasses. And let’s be honest, if you think a cop is an ass because he gave you a citation for a traffic violation regardless of you’re amazing excuse, your opinion doesn’t count. We aren’t on the road to make friends. We’re on the road to keep you and your family safe. If you get pulled over by one of the jerks, I’m sorry. If you get pulled over by a decent cop, which is more likely, remember that the next time you hear someone saying that all cops are dicks.

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