Cops find things funny that you don’t.  It’s not because we are twisted, sick individuals.  It’s a coping mechanism.  Don’t get me wrong, most of us are bent that way a little to begin with, some more than others, but we aren’t heartless jackasses running amuck.  If you see me laughing at a fatal crash scene, it’s not because I think the way the victim died is particularly funny, it’s because I need to deal with seeing a man who’s head is facing the wrong direction.  I don’t have the option of walking away and letting someone else handle it.  If I show up to a crash where the car is upside down, the driver is hanging from her seat and bleeding everywhere, screaming at me to help her, and her leg is sticking through the steering wheel at an unnatural angle, I have to help.  When I’m standing on the side of the road with another officer waiting for the tow truck, we’re probably going to exchange humorous anecdotes.

I have to stop and consider my words very carefully now when someone who doesn’t work in law enforcement asks me to tell them a  funny story.  I tried to tell my family about the time I had to put on a special bio-hazard suit and wrestle with an inmate who had covered himself with his own feces.  No matter how much I laughed when I told the story, they just stared at me like I had an ewok crawling out of my nose.  I have a heart, that’s why I do this job.  Cut me some slack.

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