I just wrote you a citation for nearly $300, and you’re inviting my to come to your tattoo shop so you can hook me up with some new ink. Hmmm, let me think about that for a second…I’ll pass. Thank you for noticing that I have an entire arm covered with a tattoo, but what I really want you to notice is the stop sign you blew through. I did a lot of research into local tattoo shops before I chose an artist to do my arm, and I’ve never heard of your shop. So, regardless of the fact that I’m afraid I would leave your shop with a disease that is designated with a letter, I’m pretty sure the tattoo would suck too. If you’re having trouble drumming up business, might I suggest a more traditional approach, like advertising. Of course, the best way to advertise is by putting a good tattoo on someone and letting your work speak for itself. Maybe you can offer the judge some free ink in exchange for lowering your fine. Just let me know first, I want to get that on film.

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